What happens if you mix a warm summers day with Arabic Couscous, flying dervishes and energetic African rhythms ?

Ottoman Empire Soundsystem

This culminates into a very unique blend of music the like of which has never been seen before. There is something for everyone from every background to absorb and taste the sweetness of spirituality at its core. Although, the Ottoman Empire Soundsystem reincarnated not so long ago they have already been crowned with success.
They have been on tour in England at The Synergy Centre, London, for the Spiritual Indoor Music Festival 2009 and more recently Bristol and the Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury where the audience received them with genuine warmth. Also on tour in Germany sharing the stage with artists such as Mellow Mark and Mahmood Sabri.

Colourful like the ancient Ottoman Empire, which spread from Hungary to Algeria, the Ottoman Empire Soundsystem reflects this melting pot in their music, playing a wild mixture of Reggae, Skaa, Hip Hop Jazz and World Music spiced with lyrics in many different languages.
Joyful Faces and warm hearts are guaranteed during their concerts.

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Chaldun Schrade – Vocals & Guitar

Bilal Heidelberger – Saxophon & Percussions & Vocals


Manuel Vogel – Drums


Riccardo Belvedere – Keyboards


Michael Holland – Bass


Suleyman Ter Haar – Bass & Gesang (currently travelling south america)



former Members

Stefan Klingler – Bubblin’ Keys
Lukas Kiedaisch – Bubblin’ Keys