UNOJAH – Under one sun

In autumn me snuggled together in an old barn in the mountains of France.
We played a lot of music, wrote beautiful songs, laughed together, cooked and made plans for the upcoming year.
Those days clearly showed us – we definitely will focus and bring up some great and innovative changes in 2017.
First of all, we will change our name to “UNOJAH”
We are committed to intercultural and religious exchange without prejudice.
Most of you know our slogan. “Unity in Diversity” and “more colourful than you thought.” Our former name ”OES” doesn’t convey that message fittingly. That’s why we changed our name to – UNOJAH is a made-up word which combines the latin “unitas” and the Swahili “umojah” emphasizing our keynote UNITY.
Together with you – our fans – we would like to arouse this message. Let’s carry and celebrate it around the globe.
That’s why we are touring throughout Germany and hopefully throughout the world to celebrate our upcoming album.
The best is yet to come – our new album will be released 10th March 2017:
UNOJAH – „colour to the people“
stay tuned,
See you soon,

Much love and light


P.S. subscribe to our new youtubechannel and visit our new webpage UNOJAH.COM


Our last Show in 2016 live in Algeria!!!

Yes Lovers,

during our winter sleep, we will release a live video each month from our last show @ E-WERK Freiburg.

As it is too cold to go out for a concert you can just relax in your living rooms with a nice cup of tea and enjoy the ottomans live and direct.

turn on the oven,
prepare a tea,
enjoy the ottomans,

stay tuned,
much love and light,

Ottoman Family

much love,

Ottoman Empire Soundsystem


Ottoman Empire Soundsystem – today’s guest

We are all guests on this planet, living for a short period of time, no matter what religion we have, what skin colour we have or how and where we live. With respect, tolerance and love for each “guest” on this planet we can create something which will survive us and which will be a real benefit here and hereafter. Keep planting seeds of love and light !
Please share all over the planet !!!

Much Love,

Ottoman Empire Soundsystem


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